We're revolutionizing the world of first and last mile delivery

The Power of direct shipping

Roadie keeps costs low by using the empty space in vehicles that are already on the road, and having Drivers go directly from Point A to Point B. That’s a lot more efficient than the hub-and-spoke networks and “daily sweep” models of traditional shippers. And our Drivers aren’t stopping at 100 other addresses before yours, meaning your last mile logistics will be speedy and efficient with Roadie.

Low-cost same-day and next-day last mile shipping

The key to making same-day and next-day delivery more cost-effective and viable is having a dynamic and flexible last-mile delivery partner. Roadie has a roster of more than 80,000 pre-screened Drivers in all 50 U.S. states who are already going to where your items need to go, making last mile logistics easier and cheaper than ever before.

Scalable, nationwide coverage

Tapping into an engaged fleet of vehicles — employees, customers, and the local community — already traveling to and from stores creates a completely new type of delivery system. The result is a Collaborative Delivery network with the flexibility to handle variable volumes, size, and distance at a predictable cost. Roadie has delivered to more than 9,000 cities and towns across America, giving us a first and last mile delivery footprint larger than Amazon Prime.

Deliveries from store or warehouse

Roadie can handle last mile logistics from brick-and-mortar stores, warehouses, distribution centers – or all of the above. We’re also great at handling returns, which lowers overall last mile shipping costs.

Flex up & down with variable demand

Our dynamic network lets us meet your last mile delivery demands in real-time as your volume flexes up or down. There’s never a requirement for volume commitments or penalties if you don’t ship as much as you thought you would.

Quick deployment with Collaborative Delivery™

Our Collaborative Delivery platform allows businesses to invite employees, customers, and other people nearby in the community to earn extra money by fulfilling your last mile delivery as they go about their regular lives.