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A retail delivery service that enhances the customer experience

  • Consumers want more than same-day, next-day or scheduled deliveries. They want the freedom to choose. The delivery option that makes the most sense boils down to a question of time vs. money, and often changes from purchase to purchase.

    Roadie allows you to offer customers what they demand. Whether delivery is needed in a few hours or a few days, provide instant price quotes and leverage our guaranteed SLA windows to ensure you always deliver the best experience for a customer’s needs.

  • Smarter retail logistics does more than increase purchase satisfaction — it also brings retailers more customers and sales. By successfully meeting customers’ expectations for delivery optionality, you can increase conversion and retention rates.

    Roadie helps exceed expectations, no matter the order. Whether small items or huge deliveries, we help you meet expectations with flexible size and distance options and real-time tracking for personnel and customers.

  • Customers expect the entire purchase process to be seamless, right down to bringing their package in from the front porch. Our public API speaks your language and makes that possible.

    By integrating Roadie with your existing omnichannel experience, customers can choose their preferred delivery time frame at checkout while Roadie does the rest. Automatically post and schedule deliveries, share driver information, track deliveries in real time, and provide signature confirmation.

  • Thanks to Amazon, customers everywhere expect fast home delivery. Leveraging a delivery service that can provide same-day service in big NFL cities is just as important as covering smaller towns and communities.

    Most delivery services reach across the U.S., but can’t promise speed in all zip codes. Roadie leverages vehicles already traveling to and between stores to create a network of drivers that can solve delivery for everyone. With over 150,000+ background-checked drivers, Roadie can deliver orders to any market.

  • Operationally, you need to have enough product available to fulfill online and in-store traffic and have enough resultant delivery capacity to make sure it all gets where it needs to go on time. Roadie’s flexible network of crowdsourced drivers helps you dynamically scale your delivery fleet to do just that.

    Roadie helps ensure customers can always get the right product no matter the channel. Whether that means shipping from the store, optimizing in-store pickup, or simply rebalancing inventory to anticipate future needs, Roadie is here to help.

Nationwide, scalable retail delivery

Whether scheduled or right now, our fleet delivers for retailers across the country, covering 89% of U.S. households. Improve customer satisfaction and never miss out on a sale because of delivery.

Dynamically scale to handle spikes

Flexible size and distance options

API integration

Deliver same-day up to 100 miles

Real-time tracking

Guaranteed SLA windows

compete with amazon same-day delivery

You vs. Amazon: How to Compete in Same Day Delivery

To take on Amazon, you need to offer a full menu of delivery options. This white paper dives into how you can leverage crowdsourced delivery to fill in the gaps of your existing logistics network and reliably offer a variety of delivery windows to customers.

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Tractor Supply Company Delivers Same-Day from 100% of Stores

The Situation

Tractor Supply Company first partnered with Roadie to offer home delivery in 2017 for its customers located all over the country, including smaller cities and towns outside the coverage areas of other delivery providers. When the novel coronavirus COVID-19 became a global pandemic, the need for same-day delivery became urgent and Tractor Supply needed to compress its rollout timeline from a few months to a few weeks.

The Challenge

As the largest rural lifestyle retail chain in the country, Tractor Supply serves a large number of customers outside major metros. With most same-day delivery providers servicing only primary and secondary markets, rolling out same-day delivery for everyone while they sheltered in place was an enormous challenge. To add complexity, Tractor Supply’s 15,000+ inventory items range in size from power tools to huge items like chicken coops.

The Solution

Together, Roadie and Tractor Supply worked to accelerate the ramp-up of same-day delivery in 1,462 locations in less than three weeks. Now, Tractor Supply Company is the first major general merchandise retailer to offer same-day delivery from 100% of stores – all 1,863 U.S. locations – and provided critical services for America’s heartland, which most delivery providers struggle to reach.

Roadie’s crowdsourced network of personal cars and trucks easily handled the variety of inventory and allowed the companies to launch same-day delivery in a number of traditionally hard-to-service markets. With full integration into Tractor Supply’s e-commerce website and back-office systems, customers now experience a seamless journey as they receive real-time status updates and can track their deliveries from the store to their door. The result is a more personalized delivery experience that drives higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.