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Take the hassle and high costs out of shipping furniture

Keep the cost to ship furniture low with Roadie

Figuring out how much it will cost to ship furniture is no easy task. From oversized dressers to bulky bed frames, Roadie keeps costs low when shipping locally or nationwide. You’ve already shelled out hundreds of dollars to buy that handcrafted dining room table, the perfect plush sleeper sofa, or the wicker outdoor chairs for your backyard. There’s no reason to spend even more on furniture shipping costs with traditional shipping platforms when you can use an easier, more affordable option with Roadie. Because drivers are already heading in the right direction, our team is able to take a lot of cost out of the equation.

How much does it cost to ship furniture?

At Roadie, drivers safely tuck your furniture in a spacious vehicle already heading the same way your stuff needs a lift. That helps us keep the cost of shipping furniture low compared to traditional shippers, while also making sure your stuff doesn’t get jostled around from truck to truck and warehouse to warehouse. On local deliveries, furniture shipping ranges from $12 to $61.

A fraction of the cost compared to traditional carriers

Traditional moving companies and furniture delivery platforms make money on high-volume deliveries. That’s why the cost to ship furniture with them is often inflated when it comes to shipping one or two pieces. Unlike traditional shippers, Roadie was designed to deliver those one-off, oversized items with minimal furniture shipping costs.

cheapest furniture shippingA furniture delivery platform that keeps costs low

Most delivery companies store furniture in a warehouse and transfer pieces on and off trucks a few times before it arrives. All that handling and labor inflates the cost to ship furniture. But with Roadie, your driver will pick up and deliver the furniture directly where it needs to go. No handoffs. No bouncing from truck to truck. No storing in warehouses.

Stories from the road

  • Pete and his wife fixed up their beach house on a budget

    Pete and his wife invested in an older beach house that they wanted to fix up, and they found a great dresser in Maryland that would be perfect as a bathroom vanity. But the cost of shipping furniture was crazy high with traditional shippers. They searched for low furniture shipping cost options, and came across both Roadie and uShip. Pete saw that uShip was more expensive for the 800-mile trip to Ormond Beach, Florida, and he didn’t like that uShip’s drivers could keep bidding up the fee.

    Pete felt more comfortable with Roadie because of its instant price quote, which also included insurance, so he posted a delivery. Ronald was visiting his kids in upstate New York and had recently started using Roadie’s platform. He spotted the delivery, which was on his route home, and made his first delivery – pocketing $157 for his effort.

  • The family saved nearly $300 using Roadie

    In the 1950s, a treasured neighborhood inn in Pennington, NJ closed after years of declining occupancy and visitor traffic. Mitch’s parents were longtime friends of the innkeepers, and he had fond childhood memories of that lovely old oak table. When it closed, his parents got the table and made it a centerpiece in their living room.

    When Mitch’s parents passed away, Mitch felt a yearning to move that beautiful table from his childhood home in Pennington, NJ, to his house in Atlanta 815 miles away. His jaw dropped when a traditional shipping company quoted almost $500 in furniture shipping costs for the table. Mitch’s grandson suggested Roadie as a low furniture shipping cost option, and he posted a delivery. It was only $226, less than half the price the other delivery platforms wanted. Matt hand-delivered the beloved table to Mitch’s home within the week.

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