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An efficient and affordable way to move furniture

Door-to-door furniture delivery, nationwide

From credenzas to couches, shipping furniture takes more effort than mailing a birthday card. That’s why Roadie makes it easy to schedule and send furniture deliveries. Whether it’s a few miles across town or a few states away, Roadie can show you how to ship furniture faster, cheaper, and easier. Our door-to-door delivery platform means there’s no hassle or headache when it comes to shipping furniture. Simply tell us where your furniture needs to go and when it needs to be there. We’ll connect you with a Roadie driver, so you can save time and costs when shipping furniture.

How to move furniture with care

Most traditional companies will require you to box, crate and bubble wrap furniture before considering to move it with freight. And that costs much more than you think. Because your driver is the only one handling your furniture, it won’t be transferred from truck to truck or stored in a dusty warehouse. That means you won’t need expensive packing blankets, boxes and shrink-wrap. That’s how to ship furniture in a more affordable and greener way.

Stay in the know every step of the way

Track your furniture’s whereabouts in real time on any device, so you’ll know exactly when it arrives on your doorstep. No more waiting around for long mysterious delivery windows or constantly refreshing the tracking page. Let Roadie show you how to ship furniture with complete transparency and confidence.

how to ship furniture RoadieHow to transport heavy, bulky, oversized furniture

A king-size bed frame, a big leather couch, and large shelving units are awkward to handle. No matter if you’re sending them together or separate. When you’re figuring out how to move furniture that’s heavy, ask a friend to help — and you might need to buy a dolly to help get it to or from the vehicle. Some key advice: tip the item at an angle so one person carries the top while the other carries the bottom. This keeps the weight centered and helps drivers maintain control of the furniture.

Stories from the road

  • The Edwards family saved hundreds when moving a bed across the country

    Vance is a truck driver for Love’s truck stops, and he crisscrosses the country every day as he delivers tankers full of gasoline. One day he heard Roadie partner and collaborator Ludacris talking Roadie up on Atlanta radio station 97.9 FM, and thought it might be a way to make a little extra scratch on his way to Oklahoma.

    Meanwhile, in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, the Edwards family was trying to figure out how to move furniture to Pryor, Oklahoma. Vance opened the app and saw the Gig and within a few hours, he was loading the Edwards family’s antique bed into the back of his truck. He covered it carefully with plastic because the forecast called for rain. Vance delivered the bed 806 miles away, dry and in beautiful condition, before the end of the week. And he made $200 along the way!

  • A bargain hunter finds her ideal price

    After Mitsue moved to a studio apartment in Brooklyn, she was on the hunt for new furniture. She mentioned her furniture search on Facebook, and it turns out an old friend in Chicago had the perfect leather chairs for her apartment. But they were 807 miles away, and she had to find a way how to move furniture on the cheap. A friend suggested Roadie, and Mitsue posted a delivery — she even offered to cover the $30 worth of tolls on the route. Amit regularly drives between Chicago and New York for work, and he drives with Roadie because it lets him monetize trips he’s already making. But he’s not a fan of the tolls — $30 in each direction, every time he makes the drive. Amit saw Mitsue’s delivery for the chairs, and immediately snagged the job. Amit earned $179 and was thrilled to have those pesky tolls taken care of too. Mitsue saved a bundle compared with what she would have paid with traditional shippers.

How to Ship Furniture

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