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Heavy shipping rates that you can afford

How Roadie makes shipping heavy items easier

No matter the size of your delivery, shipping rates should still be within budget. That’s why Roadie makes it transparent, easy, and affordable to ship heavy items. No surprise surcharges, no handling fees, no gimmicks. Roadie doesn’t just save you money on heavy shipping costs. We make the entire process easier all around.

  • Get an instant price quote as soon as you tell us where your items need to go
  • Forget about surprise add-ons like fuel surcharges or handling fees
  • Find the best rate even if you’re not a high-volume sender. The rate is the rate. Period.
  • Get automatic insurance for your stuff up to $100 with the option to purchase additional coverage worth up to $10,000
How Roadie makes heavy shipping costs more affordable

Why would you shell out $700 to send a sofa that’s only worth $400? That doesn’t make sense to us. Traditional freight shippers and couriers usually charge outrageous heavy shipping rates to move oversized items short distances. So much so that you might as well rent a truck or a moving van for a day and do it yourself. But that’s complicated and takes too long.

Because your driver is already going where your stuff needs to go, Roadie’s heavy shipping rates beat them all. If you’re still not convinced, compare heavy shipping rates from top carriers with the Roadie Shipping Calculator.

How does heavy item shipping work with Roadie?

It couldn’t be simpler. Tells us about your item – size, weight, where it needs to go – and we instantly give you our heavy shipping rates. Post a Gig and get matched with a driver. They pick up your stuff and deliver it door-to-doorIf your items are unusually heavy or bulky, you’ll need to arrange extra hands to help load and unload at both ends of the trip.

Drivers on Roadie’s platform will gladly transport a few pieces of furniture, appliances, boxes of books, exercise equipment and more — the sorts of things that can fit into a spacious passenger vehicle or a pickup truck — for very reasonable heavy shipping costs.

Stories from the road

  • Chloe saved 75% in shipping costs

    Chloe needed help moving her bed, dresser, desk and a few boxes of personal items the 791 miles from Chicago to New York. She had three quotes from moving companies, and they charged heavy shipping rates of more than $1,000. She was stressing.

    A friend suggested Roadie, and Chloe was stunned that it was only $270 — 75% less than the heavy shipping costs with the other guys. Ben and his boyfriend were heading to a friend’s wedding in Washington, D.C., and rerouted through New York to help Chloe. Their black lab Cyrus kept an eye on Chloe’s things, which were covered with a tarp in the back of their pickup truck to keep them clean and dry. Ben and his boyfriend even carried Chloe’s things up to her new apartment for a little extra coin. Ben was thrilled to have some of his trip expenses paid for, and Chloe enjoyed the friendly and affordable door-to-door service.

    Shipping options for a college move
  • Pimp my ride, Roadie

    Justin made some upgrades on his Porsche and listed the unused stock parts for sale. A guy 300 miles away in South Carolina thought it was a sweet deal, and bought the sway bars and full exhaust and suspension systems. But with the traditional shippers, the heavy shipping costs were a fortune.

    Justin found Roadie and posted a delivery. He had four offers in less than 12 hours, and it was only going to cost $84! Justin was matched with a driver who was heading to Charleston for a work trip and delivered the parts to the buyer’s front door. That’s what we call high performance.

    Receive essential car parts thanks to next day delivery

See what else you can send

  • Roadie delivery service applies to items big and small
  • Receive essential oils and cosmetics with next-day delivery
    Essential Oils
  • Roadie delivers eggs and other groceries with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Roadie's shipping services ensure your espresso machine makes it safely
    Espresso Machine
  • Shipping services accessible from an iPad
  • Fulfill emergency printer ink needs with Roadie shipping services
  • Balloons and other inflatables make it safely with Roadie's shipping options
  • Get your iron on the fly with next day delivery
  • Send forgotten keys with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Get shipping quote for Kayak delivery
  • Get sinks delivered same day with Roadie shipping services
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  • Next day delivery for kettlebells and other workout gear
  • Receive medical supplies via Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery
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  • Send important casette tapes with crowdsourced delivery
  • Roadie's shipping solutions make sure your motorcycle is delivered safely
  • Send microwaves with Roadie's package delivery services
  • Send important documents like passports with next-day delivery
  • Send and receive printers and other business items with Roadie's shipping solutions
  • Prescription
  • Same-day delivery service for party supplies like piñatas
  • Xylophones and other instruments make it safely thanks to crowdsourced delivery
  • Get your comic book fix with same-day shipping
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