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Safety and transparency at every turn

Reliability and safety are critical when it comes to moving heavy equipment and construction equipment. Roadie offers complete transparency with real-time tracking during transportation and signature delivery confirmation.

Heavy equipment shipping shouldn’t mean heavy handling

Because only one driver will handle your heavy equipment transport or your construction equipment transportation, you’ll have confidence that your items won’t be knocked around or handed off from person to person.

What kind of heavy equipment is too large for Roadie?

Roadie drivers can deliver anything that can fit in the most spacious pickup trucks, trailers or passenger vehicles. That includes riding lawn mowers, table saws, miter saws, wet/dry tile saws, power generators, air compressors and most tools or power equipment in the average garage. Unfortunately, Roadie can’t accommodate oversize industrial or commercial grade equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, Bobcats, and forklifts.

Reasons to choose Roadie for heavy equipment transportation

Not only can drivers on our platform deliver from your local home improvement store or your home, but delivery through our network costs less than it would with traditional carriers.

  • Construction Projects. Moving all that equipment from job site to job site can be a hassle. Roadie’s construction equipment transportation platform is easy and fast.
  • Loaning Equipment. A friend wants to borrow your power generator and band saw, but you need a way to get them to him. Let Roadie handle logistics for your heavy equipment transportation.
  • Maintenance. When your heavy equipment or construction equipment needs a trip to the maintenance shop, Roadie can get it there and back in the blink of an eye.

Delivering real benefits to you & your customers

Save more time & money

Save time by uploading and scheduling multiple deliveries at once with Batch Deliveries, plus save an average of 25% when you send multiple deliveries in the same time frame.

Get peace of mind with delivery notes

Provide special instructions for your driver, like how they should position and handle the item they’re delivering.

Receive one-on-one support

Roadie offers a day to day point of contact to ensure you’re getting the best delivery experience and the most out of your account.

launch same day delivery for small business

Launch same-day delivery in days, not weeks.

Before you offer a same-day option, it’s important to know how your new delivery program will work. A little bit of pre-rollout prep will ensure delivery is helping you meet customer expectations.

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Stories from the road

  • Built to handle awkward, oversized deliveries

    Michael sells high-quality ladders nationwide, so when Frith Construction was in the market, they sought out Michael’s ladders. However, Michael lived in Lithonia, GA — 373 miles away from Frith Construction’s headquarters in Ridgeway, VA.

    Michael had been looking for alternative delivery solutions for heavy equipment transportation outside of traditional shipping companies, which didn’t make sense for him with the extra packaging and oversized item costs.

    That’s when he found Roadie online. Michael posted a delivery, and three days later Steve picked up and delivered the ladders to Virginia for just $163.

    Use Roadie for same day shipping on loft ladders
  • Rebuilding a community with Roadie

    After the Baton Rouge flood left homes in shambles, Tess committed herself to gathering construction supplies for relief efforts. She hoped the donated plywood, paint, and construction materials would help families rebuild homes quicker.

    Tess received a lot of donations in the Denver area and needed to find an easy way to get heavy equipment shipping to Louisiana very quickly.

    She found Roadie and posted a delivery. Within a week, Robert delivered the construction equipment 1,231 miles away to a central relief center near Zachary, LA.

    Shipping solutions for plywood and building materials
  • Keeping the construction job site on track

    While at a construction site, Michael realized the lumber company forgot to send hinges for the custom made wooden doors he just bought. Michael didn’t want to drive the 60 miles to the store — nor did he want to make the site supervisor drive all that way — so he needed to find a low-cost way to quickly get the hinges to the job site.

    He quickly realized couriers were going to cost him an arm and a leg, so he turned to Roadie. He set up a delivery Monday morning and Kristina delivered the hinges from Gainesville, GA, to Atlanta by lunchtime, and it only cost $35.

    Send hinges with same-day shipping

See what else you can send

  • Roadie delivery service applies to items big and small
  • Receive essential oils and cosmetics with next-day delivery
    Essential Oils
  • Roadie delivers eggs and other groceries with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Roadie's shipping services ensure your espresso machine makes it safely
    Espresso Machine
  • Shipping services accessible from an iPad
  • Fulfill emergency printer ink needs with Roadie shipping services
  • Balloons and other inflatables make it safely with Roadie's shipping options
  • Get your iron on the fly with next day delivery
  • Send forgotten keys with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Get shipping quote for Kayak delivery
  • Get sinks delivered same day with Roadie shipping services
    Kitchen Sink
  • Next day delivery for kettlebells and other workout gear
  • Receive medical supplies via Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery
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  • Send important casette tapes with crowdsourced delivery
  • Roadie's shipping solutions make sure your motorcycle is delivered safely
  • Send microwaves with Roadie's package delivery services
  • Send important documents like passports with next-day delivery
  • Send and receive printers and other business items with Roadie's shipping solutions
  • Prescription
  • Same-day delivery service for party supplies like piñatas
  • Xylophones and other instruments make it safely thanks to crowdsourced delivery
  • Get your comic book fix with same-day shipping
    X-Men #1
  • Shipping solutions for your X-ray specs
    X-Ray Glasses
  • Get your Xenomorph delivered with same-day shipping

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