Every day, 250 million cars and trucks hit the road. Some of the drivers are retirees and road warriors. They experience the glory of the American landscape from the open highway. Many are making a daily commute; mostly numb to the sounds and sights of the roadways they drive so often.

We’re almost never alone on the road. Do you ever wonder about the other drivers? It’s easy to forget sometimes that we’re all on a journey, and each one of us has a story to tell.

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As the Roadie community grows, we hear so many stories from Roadie Drivers experiencing amazing adventures. Some headed out with a set destination, while others followed their Gigs and sense of adventure. Some stayed close to home, and others trekked across the country. But in every story we hear, Roadie Drivers do something helpful and interesting; and in the process, experience their drive in a whole new way.

These stories are meant to be shared.

In Stories from the Open Road, we curate these wonderful stories for you to enjoy. We couldn’t be more humbled and excited to be a platform for the voices of the Roadie community. Enjoy and Roadie On!

We can’t wait to hear your story too.