You’re officially an adult, and it is time to move out. You can totally handle it, right?

Except sometimes, maybe you:

  • Left your favorite tailgating outfit at home.
  • Still can’t figure out how to do laundry without shrinking your clothes.
  • Forgot your laptop or books at your parents’ house over the weekend.
  • Realize Mom’s chocolate chip cookies are the only thing that will help you survive test week.
  • Just need to get something to and from home.

    Send Anything With Roadie

That’s why Roadie is here to help you make sure you get what you need, whenever you need it. Here are eleven things that are sure to happen when you move out and head to college.

1. The house you grew up in is now your “parents’ house”

move out parents house

2. Not only do you have to do your laundry, but you have to pay for it toomoving out college laundryRemember, you’re adult-ing now.

3. No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid last minute packing

pack for college move out

4. Moving the furniture to your new place inevitably costs more than the furniture itselfmove out with roadieWhether that’s by paying movers or selling your soul to convince your friends to help you out.

5. Turns out your roommate never told you about their obsessive cleaning tendencies


It’s probably better than weird, gross stuff!

6. Something always, ALWAYS breaks

7. Grocery shopping either becomes the best or worst part of your week

8. Not even budgeting will stop you from spending money on late night pizza

9. You brought your entire DVD collection, but somehow forgot all your underwear at home


10. You constantly ask your siblings to Snapchat you photos of your dogs

That goodbye may be the hardest of all.

11. A problem will definitely come up, but once you fix it all by yourself, there’s no greater feeling 


We get moving out can be tough. That’s why we’re here to help!

From laundry to care packages, Roadie is a faster, cheaper way to get what you need to and from home.

Who knows? Maybe you really did need that extra storage after all.