It’s not some deep hidden secret that moving is the worst. Searching for a new place is all fun and games until your lease is ending, your boxes aren’t packed, and somehow through the past year, you acquired a supernatural amount of junk.

Here are six things you can do to step up your moving game and fool people into thinking that you can move like a pro.

Send Anything With Roadie

Organize Your Clothes

Use garbage bags like garment bags and cover the clothes hanging in your closet in one quick swoop. When you get them to your new place, just hang them up and pull the garbage bag off. Boom, you’re a legend.

Color Code Your Boxes

Who wants to run around their new apartment looking for the box that has their shampoo in it only to open box after box of useless kitchen items? Keep things in order by taping your boxes up with color-coded duct tape. This way you know what boxes go where and exactly how many boxes you have to dig through to wash your hair.

Pack Up Books

Not only does it save you a box and space in your car, but it also takes your heaviest items and puts them on wheels with handles to make them easier to move around.

Move Awkward Stuff

You know that giant giraffe statue that your Aunt Helen bought you in Daytona because it was ‘so you?” Well, she was right. And you love it, so there’s no way you’re leaving it behind. Why rent a moving truck when you can have a Roadie move it for you?

Organize Your Cables

Wrap your cables up and slip them into an old toilet paper roll. Not only will it keep them untangled, but you can label them with a sharpie for easy finding later. Because let’s be real, they all look the same and no matter how neatly you put them in your box, they’ll look like electric spaghetti later.

Clean Out Your Closet

You know that funny little quip about hoarding a bunch of random junk? Well here’s your chance to get rid of it. A new place means a new start. A start that doesn’t require those seven different sweaters you got at a vintage store last fall and never wore. Donate old items, trash broken ones, and be honest with yourself- do you really need those old VHS tapes? If you don’t wanna drop them off yourself, just use Roadie again!