Maybe it was the centerpiece of your first apartment, your go-to seat for family movie night, or the ideal nap spot. Either way, the time has come to ship your couch.

Shipping your couch requires much more planning and effort than sending a birthday card to Grandma. They’re bulky, heavy, and oversized… couches are just as expensive as they are a hassle to ship.

With Roadie, however, sending your sofa doesn’t have to be a pain. The Roadie app connects you with Roadie Drivers that can easily tuck your favorite couch into the back of their truck and deliver it for you.

Send Anything With Roadie

Most carriers and shipping companies make you go through a long list of steps to prepare your couch for shipment. With most carriers, you need to disassemble the couch, buy packing materials, and crate your couch before you can even schedule a pick up. 

Before you’ve even shipped the couch, you’ll have spent the same amount of money and time it would cost to list your couch with Roadie- just on packing materials alone! (That doesn’t even include the time you’ll need to reassemble the sofa at your final destination!)

Why not save time and money and choose door-to-door delivery? Roadie will make sending your couch faster, cheaper, and friendlier!

Download the app, post a Gig, and we’ll handle the rest!