It’s time to move, and we can hear the collective groans from miles away. But why make the move hard when you can make it smart? Use these apps to make it easier, and never again will you have to deal with those “I forgot” moments.

1. Roadie
Think of it as carpooling for cargo! We connect you with drivers already heading in the right direction, so you can make sending your stuff faster, cheaper, and friendlier. Though Roadies aren’t movers, they’ll be happy to help you get your stuff where it needs to go.

Send Anything With Roadie

2. Moving Van
Keep track of everything you pack with this app. Once each box is packed, use this app to note which stuff got into which box — all in one place. Never again will you have to spends hours searching for your coffee mugs.

3. MagicPlan
You bought all new furniture, but you aren’t sure how to arrange it in your new place. Enter Magic Plan, which “magically” creates a virtual floor plan so you know if all your stuff is going to fit.

4. Hotel Tonight
You got to your new place, but it isn’t quite ready. Use this app to find last minute hotel deals in whatever new city you’re in.

5. Instacart
You’re busy with move-in and don’t have time to run to the grocery store. Feed the hunger, and use Instacart to get groceries delivered to your door in no time.