Could somebody wake up the lead singer from Green Day? September is coming to an end, but we’ve seen some awesome things sent with Roadie throughout the month.

Roadie spread some love at College Fest in Boston, celebrated the joy of beer at the LA Beer Festival, and rocked out at Music Midtown in Atlanta, all while delivering Gigs along the way.

Send Anything With Roadie

While we love a good party, we’re here to help you get what you need, when you need it. And in September, we delivered some amazing stuff right to your door.

1. DJ Equipment for the Show

With only a couple days left before the show, BeATLab USA realized they forgot their DJ equipment in Atlanta. Rather than killing the vibe, Roadie saved the day and delivered what they needed within 18 hours!

beatlab roadie september gig

2. Chandeliers from Sia (or at least inspired by her)

Once again, we helped our friend Jack, the owner of The Big Chandelier, send three chandeliers from Atlanta to Nashville! He posted the Gig, and within 48 hours, the chandeliers arrived safely at the door of an incredibly satisfied customer.

3. A Table Just In Time For Dinner

Shiloh needed to send her dining room table more than 800 miles, but couldn’t afford to ship it wish a usual carrier. Instead, she turned to Roadie for a faster and cheaper delivery. The table arrived within days and just in time for dinner.

roadie dining table shipping

4. The Ex-Stuff: Make Break Ups Easier

Nobody wants to face their ex after a breakup, especially when a ring is involved. John let Roadie do the dirty work for him and delivered his ex-fiance’s items back to her from Atlanta to North Carolina. She gets her stuff, and he gets to avoid an awkward meeting.

roadie break up

5. The Sculpture is Giraffin’ Me Crazy

The giraffe sculpture may have been a pain in the neck for most carriers, but not for Roadie! We delivered the sculpture more than 700 miles to its new home in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, we’re in it for the long (and tall) haul.

roadie giraffe sculpture