Cross-country road tripping: a classic American past time filled with fond memories of car games, fast food and too little seat space.

It used to be that jumping in the car with your family for a cross-country road trip meant word games and mixtapes. Things sure have changed.

Road Tripping Then
  • All the kids pile into Mom’s wood-paneled station wagon while trying to avoid the middle seat
  • Drop $10 for a tank of gas you need to survive the trek with your family
  • Listen to the mixtape your middle school crush made for you. He did confess his love for you with the smooth sounds of KC
  • One Walkman for the entire family? You learn to deal with it.
  • Pick up a hitchhiker because sure, why not?
  • Pass time by playing punch buggy for hours. Your arm is now bright red.
  • You argue with other people in the car because you know that their shortcut means an extra hour on the road.

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Road Tripping Now
  • Climb into Mom’s minivan while avoiding letting your little sister pick Frozen as the first movie
  • Drop $10 on the Starbucks coffee you need to survive the reak with your family
  • Stream the music you and your best friends put together for the ultimate road trip playlist while fighting over the aux cord
  • You’ve got options. Phone, tablet, or laptop?
  • Two words: stranger danger
  • Pass time by swiping through Bumble for hours
  • You argue with Google Maps because you are pretty sure it’s taking you on some crazy route

What do your road trip memories look like? What are the must-have’s for a successful modern day road trip? Share your ideas and #RoadieOn!