Imagine walking into a store, finding the perfect couch for your home, then realizing it’s hundreds of dollars over budget. All you wanted was a better, comfier nap spot without having to break the bank.

And that’s exactly what happened to Drew. On the search for his perfect nap spot, Drew found a brown Lovesac that would’ve set him back $1,000 (and even more for shipping). What began as a budget nightmare quickly changed into more than $700 in savings.

Send Anything With Roadie

All because Drew found the perfect pair: budget shopping + Roadie.

Need to buy furniture for less? Look no further.


Buried underneath old fur coats and countless family reunion tees, you’ll find the perfect chest of drawers begging for a fresh coat of paint and a new lease on life. Not only are you getting your furniture on the cheap; you’re also helping people get jobs!

Estate Sales

Your friends may not need their handcrafted wooden table anymore, but you still need a place to eat. Why spend hundreds on a new dining set when you can bargain with your buddy for less?


Say hello to the yard sale in the palm of your hands. You can basically buy everything on this app (for cheap!) without ever having to leave the couch. Good deal, right?


Welcome to a garage sale without the hassle. Need a new rug? How about a sweet scooter? You can bet it’s all waiting for you within 5 miles of your home.

Roadie it!

You got a deal on the dresser, so why not get a deal on delivery?

One gal named Katie did. She had just moved into her new apartment when she found a washed wooden dresser online. The only problem? Katie lived 20 miles away from the dresser’s original owner, and she didn’t have a big enough car to move it.

So, she enlisted Roadie. One of our Drivers delivered the dresser door-to-door for her, and it only cost her $50. Same day. On a weekend. Let’s be honest, how often does that happen?