In October, we launched a new feature to make Roadie an even better experience for you. With new Gig Alerts, we help you find Gigs closest to you, so you can make money even sooner.

You’ve probably seen a notification from us that says “Want to make some cash? A new Gig was just created near you.” These alerts are our way of helping you to see what’s on the Gig Map quicker.

Get Paid To Drive, Your Way

In August and September, we met with some drivers to talk about what it’s really like out on the road and how you all find Gigs every day.

We quickly learned that many of you open the app first thing in the morning and regularly check it throughout the day for new Gigs. So, we wondered how we could make that process even easier for you.

To find Gigs faster, we started sending you notifications when a Gig popped up within 10 miles from the address you provided us. We tell you how far the Gig is from your address and where it’s headed. Then, you can get an idea of whether this is a Gig you might want to pick up without even having to launch the app.

That way, you find Gigs faster, deliver stuff quicker, and earn cash sooner!

Within a month, we’ve already seen faster delivery times than ever before. Plus, some of you have even reached out to us personally to let us know how they’ve helped you.

And that win is great for us and even bigger for you.

Need some help turning on the Gig Alerts?

  1. Download the latest version of the app
  2. Tap the “More Info” button in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Tap Notification Preferences
  4. Make sure your Push Notifications are on
  5. Edit the distance and the address, so you can start finding Gigs faster and make money sooner