We’ve made sending your stuff faster, cheaper, and friendlier. Now, with with UPS Capital®, we’re making it even more secure by offering coverage up to $10,000.

We’ve heard about the places you’ve gone, the things you’ve sent, and the experiences you’ve had. And those stories are what push us each day to make Roadie even better.

Send Anything With Roadie

Ann sent her $3,000 bicycle from Texas to a triathlon in Colorado, while Ben saved hundreds of dollars moving a red kayak to his new home in San Francisco. Kathie sent her mother’s antique table from Philadelphia to her daughter in Atlanta, while Jack shipped four chandeliers to his customers over 400 miles within one day.

After hearing these stories, we realized you wanted the option to protect your stuff for more than $2,500. So we’ve stepped it up to $10,000 and now every package you send with Roadie will be guaranteed the exact same protections you’d get from UPS.

At Roadie, we’re constantly working on ways to make sure you have peace of mind when you send your stuff to friends, families or customers locally or even across the country. We began that with real-time tracking, automatic insurance of $100, and our 24/7 customer support team.

Now with increased coverage through our friends at UPS Capital, we’ve made sure your Roadie experience is even better. When you send with Roadie, feel confident knowing that your stuff is insured by one of the largest, most trusted names in shipping.

So, how does it work? It’s simple. When you set up a Gig, you will have the opportunity to buy additional coverage for just $5 for each additional $500 in value. If you want to pack up your favorite couch, move it to your new place and protect it for $5,000, the extra coverage will only cost you $45. That’s a lot less than it would cost if you used another major shipping company.

Check out our Gig Estimator to get an instant estimate on how much it will cost to send your stuff with Roadie.