Before we forget November and blissfully get lost in the holiday season, take a look back at some of the great stuff we did together this month.

Roadie announced new product features, tailgated with you on Game Day throughout the country, and surprised families on Thanksgiving with Ludacris and the Ludacris Foundation, all while delivering Gigs along the way.

We love good surprises, but we love your stories even more. Check out some of the things that were delivered with Roadie right to your door in November.

Send Anything With Roadie

1. Hello, it’s 1,110 pounds of paper

Yes, you read that correctly. Joe from Stezzi sent 1,110lbs of envelopes from Atlanta to Peachtree City with Roadie in a couple hours. Think of all the money he saved on stamps!


2. Booking it: Giving 1,800 Books to A Non-Profit

Dave spent days trying to find a fast, affordable way to donate books to public schools for his non-profit Chance to Choose, which helps elementary and middle school students deal with challenges they face on a daily basis. After calling dozens of moving companies, Dave finally found Roadie and sent his books from Minneapolis to a fourth floor apartment in New York City for a fraction what it would have cost through a usual carrier.

3. Overnight delivery

When you’ve got beautiful, comfy furniture to send to customers, you’ve got to do it quickly. That’s why Don with Black Sheep Interiors needed to send two chairs and a side table over 90 miles overnight. He called Roadie, and we came running to deliver his furniture!

Roadie delivered two chairs

4. Winter is Coming

December means holidays, family time, and seasonal magic, but it also means cold nights with snow. Andy at S & S Fire Pits needed to send a customer an extra large fire pit more than 200 miles to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Driver delivered it next day and made $75 on a trip he was already taking to T-Ville.

Roadie delivered fire pit

5. Did Somebody Say Cheesecake?

Dessert delivery may not have been something you thought Roadie could do, but for Atlanta bakery Sweet Cheats, we’ve become regulars! This month, we delivered many cheesecakes and cupcakes across town for some very hungry customers.

Roadie delivered cheesecake