You’ve almost pulled off a last-minute Christmas, but there are still some things you have yet to check off your to-do list.

If you need help getting your stuff from here to there (or from you to your boo), we’ve got you covered. Check out six ways Roadie can help.

1. Surprise a friend with holiday cheer with door-to-door delivery, no matter where they are
Did somebody say cupcakes? Handwritten cards? A stuffed stocking?

Send Anything With Roadie

2. Shop local and get your gifts there on time
Keep it close to home this Christmas. We’ll deliver what you buy right to your door. If you can’t fit it into your car, one of our Roadie drivers can fit in in theirs.

3. Start your New Year clutter-free and donate your old stuff to a local thrift shop
Macklemore wasn’t wrong when he wrote a whole song about thrift shopping. Before the New Year hits, send anything you once loved to a shop near you. We’ve got getting it there covered.

4. Don’t waste time getting ready for NYE and let Roadie haul your old Christmas tree away
Unfortunately, the piney smell doesn’t last forever. Tell us where you want to send your old Christmas tree, and we’ll get it there.

5. Make sure Buddy, Tinkerbell or Fido get there safely
Whether you’re a dog-lover or a cat-lover, we’re all pet-lovers. With Roadie pet shipping, we’ll get your BFF from here to there quickly and safely.

6. Get everything you need to your holiday party, even if it’s five minutes before guests arrive
Whether its flowers from your local florist, a cherry cheesecake from your favorite bakery, or even extra Christmas decor from your neighbor down the street, consider it delivered with Roadie.