As we danced 2015 away, we also said hello to a blank slate. You celebrated the year, spent time with family and friends, and you even made a list of New Year’s resolutions. Now, you’ve just got to stick to them, or at least give them a try.

New Year, new you. Right?

In 2016, we want to make your life a bit easier. That’s why we thought of a few ways to help you crush your resolutions this year. We’ve got your back with easy delivery to save you time and keep your wallet full.

Send Anything With Roadie

1. Clean Out Your House
Make your space your own in 2016 and ditch what you don’t need. Donate old furniture to a local charity, clean out your closet, or sell the golf clubs you don’t use anymore. Tell us where it needs to go, and we’ve got getting it there covered.

2. Less Time on Errands, More Time with Family
Whether it’s picking up your suit from the dry cleaners, getting cupcake for your sister’s baby shower, or dropping off clothes at your local thrift store, Roadie can take care of it all, so you have more time to spend with the people you love.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Maybe you left your jacket at the restaurant again, forgot the concert tickets at home, or keep “running out of time” to return your friend’s toolbox. In 2016, never again will forgetfulness be a big deal because Roadie returns what you need.

4. Keep Your Wallet Full and Your To-Do List Short
Say goodbye to post office lines and prices. If you need to send a gift to a friend out-of-state, the furniture to your new place, or get the crib from your parent’s house to yours, send it with Roadie for less (and keep your wallet full!).

5. Get Fit in 2016
Borrow the Bowflex from your brother or get your new dumbbells delivered from the store. There’s no excuse not to work out when Roadie delivers the gear right to your door.