From college students and soccer moms to young professionals and retirees, Roadie drivers are a diverse bunch who just happen to have a little extra room to deliver your stuff where it needs to go. Starting this month, we’ll begin featuring our Roadie Rock Stars; the ones who go the extra mile, who take the time to get to know you, and who put not just miles, but their hearts into the Roadie community.

Meet Marcos, a Roadie Rock Star based in Atlanta. Never failing to put a smile on a Sender’s face, he has delivered 130 Gigs since signing up to drive with Roadie in January.

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1. Why did you choose to become a Roadie Driver?

Along with the opportunity to make some money, Roadie gives me the chance to work on something that makes a difference to the people and business’s out there.

2. Tell us about your favorite Roadie experience or a Gig that you have done. What was so special about it?

I’ve delivered flowers many times, but on one Gig, I delivered flowers to two women. When I arrived with them, the ladies started to jump up and down with excitement. That was the most fun and exciting Roadie experience I’ve ever had.

On another Gig, a couple with a new baby lost their car keys and was about to spend $300-$400 to order new ones. They remembered where they were, so with Roadie, I was able to bring them to the couple.

3. If you could drive anywhere, where would you go?

New York!

4. We think you are an amazing member of the Roadie community. What advice do you have for other Roadie drivers?

Always do more than what you are getting paid for. Always go the extra mile. Do an impeccable job and a caring job. Yes, money is important but most of the time it is not the most important. You’ll never know the person you are really helping, and that person could be the one that may turn your life around.

5. What’s your favorite road trip food?

Energy bars

6. What are your top three favorite road trip songs?

“Mas” with Rick Martin, “Vivir mi Vida” with Marc Anthony, and “My Own Prison” with Creed

7. If you could drive across the country with a celebrity, who would it be? Why?

Will Smith, because of his incredible work ethic, discipline and motivation to life on his movies and real life.

8. If you could send anything, anywhere, what would it be?

Diabetes medication to those in other countries that don’t have the means to acquire such medications.