Our friends at StoreX are all about people helping people. Not to mention that they’re revolutionizing the way people rent and use extra space in their homes, so that you can save on storage space. And because of that, we’re excited to tell you about our newest collaboration with StoreX and how we’re teaming up to make sending and finding self storage easier than ever.

While we connect people who need to send stuff with drivers already heading in the right direction, StoreX offers a similar service by connecting people who need to store stuff with people who have extra space to rent out. Earn extra cash from unused space in your home or save money on storage by renting storage space from a neighbor.

Get The Nation’s Largest Local Same-Day Footprint.

What better way to make space in your own home than by having a neighbor store your stuff in theirs?

Simple and Fast
Find your ideal space in minutes. No paperwork, no hassle.

Local and Affordable
Find unused space near you — in your neighborhood, campus, or even your building! Being closer saves you time, money, and transportation.

Safe and Secure
Insurance, verified profiles, two-way rating system and a secure platform for worry-free transactions.

You can finally clear out your kids’ rooms, get rid of your husband’s stuff from his man-cave days (without actually getting rid of it), or make money from the extra room in the house that you never use. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Whether it’s boxes for a year, a chair for six months, or your flat screen TV for two weeks, StoreX gives you a local, affordable self storage experience by connecting you with people in your own neighborhood. And the best part? Roadie helps you get it there for less!

If you’re planning to store with StoreX, Roadie will give you $10 off your delivery and get your stuff to storage faster and cheaper. If you’re already part of the Roadie community, StoreX will give you a $10 discount for storing your stuff with them.