This month, we’ve rounded up our favorite road trip photos on Instagram. They’re heartwarming, well shot, adventurous, and full of wanderlust – and we couldn’t help but share them!

drive cross country road trip
“All geared up for an adventure” at Sequioa National Park. Photo: @ramiabuarja

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The Bus and Us cross country road trip
“Having to crawl around under the bus almost daily lately to keep this ol’ girl in motion sometimes has us envying the carefree way of traveling that backpackers enjoy. Then we find ourselves all alone in the middle of no where Patagonia and remember exactly why we chose this type of travel. She can be a fickle beast, but she gets us away from the crowds and into the woods, and at the end of the day, what more could you want?” Photo: @thebusandus on Instagram
Banff National Park road trip
“With over 8,000 global locations with more than 60 world renowned suppliers, DriveAway Holidays are your one stop shop for your next self-drive adventure.” Photo: @driveawayholidays on Instagram
Road trip national parks
“Where to next?” Photo: @ryanerikp on Instagram
Drive to Laguna Beach
“Heading to Laguna Beach! Indo para a Praia Laguna!” Photo: @byyourwindow on Instagram


Chobe National Park road trip adventure
“Drinks on the roof watching sunset at Savuti, in the wilderness of Chobe national park. Watching zebra, wildebeest and impala graze and hoping to see some lions out on the prowl.” Photo: @travel2health on Instagram
Pacific Coast Highway road trip
Photo: @wayfaringyogi on Instagram
Northern Utah cross country road trip photos
“Trail lover and dog mom at home in northern Utah. ↣ Munk Pack Ambassador and North Face Dirty 30 for the Park City Endurance Challenge.” ?: @yo_lones on Instagram