The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and your spring cleaning checklist needs a little help. Why not clean out the clutter and give back to your community at the same time?

At Roadie, we’re making donating quick and easy by picking up and delivering your stuff for free. Until May 31, use code SPRING20, post a Gig, and Roadie will deliver door-to-door for free. It’s the perfect time to spring clean, so make sure to give your local charity a shout out in the Gig description!

Send Anything With Roadie

Not sure what to get rid of? Here are six ways to donate and clean out the clutter this spring:

1. Clothes and Bags

Whether you haven’t worn it for 18 months or it doesn’t fit anymore, donate any gently used clothing, bags, or shoes to a charity near you. Dress For Success gives aspiring career women access to business clothes they’ll need, while Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept any gently used clothing for people of all ages. It’s easy to find a local drop off place near you, and once you do, just post a Gig and Roadie will take care of the rest!

2. Old Computers and Electronics

Think TVs, computer, audio devices, and phones — all of these electronics often get thrown away rather than recycled or donated. Many companies have programs for used or unwanted devices, and all you need to do is send them. Here are just a few places you could donate: Dell and Goodwill’s Reconnect, Sony stores, and Sprint stores.

3. Toys Your Kids Have Outgrown

Nothing feels better than making a kid’s day, but remember that toys need to be in good condition for them to go to the next child. So if Barbie has only one arm or Battle Ship has now ships, it may be time to send them to the toy store in the sky. Check out all the places you can donate a toy.

4. Books to a Local Library

You finished the book in less than three days, but now it’s been sitting on your shelf for three years. Rather than letting books collect dust, consider donating them to a local library, school, or college. If you need some ideas on where to send them, check out this list.

5. Almost-New Appliances

Let’s be honest with ourselves. When was the last time you actually used the bread maker or that juicer you had to have? It’s clearing up the cabinet space, so you might as well donate it.

6. Unused Exercise Equipment

Another year has passed, and you’ve only used your Bowflex Max Trainer maybe once or twice. It might be time to make room in the garage and just use the best, totally free equipment: your feet! You can donate equipment to any local Goodwill or Salvation Army location.

If you need help finishing your spring cleaning checklist and getting your donations where they need to go, just use Roadie! Until May 31st, we’ll pick up and deliver for free. Again, just use code SPRING20, post a Gig, and Roadie will cover the rest. Make sure to give your local charity a shout out in the Gig description!