Moving cross country is an adventure in itself, but sometimes it can feel like more of an overpriced hassle than anything else. You sold your house and found your dream home, but even the thought of packing up all your stuff and shipping it across the country (or across town!) sounds exhausting.

That’s where we come in. Roadies aren’t movers, but we’re here to help cross off your moving checklist.

Send Anything With Roadie

1. Haul Less By Donating What You Don’t Need

Before you begin packing up, you should first decide what items you want to get rid of. Simply put: the less you need to send to your new place, the less it will cost to move.

Think couches, clothes, and even fitness machines you no longer use. Donating helps you cut down on clutter and give back to your community at the same time.

Moving before May 31st? Get free delivery on donations with Roadie.

2. Figure Out the Best Time to Move

It’s true when they say timing is everything. Little do people know that certain times of year are better to make your move cheaper and less of a hassle.

Most people would argue summer is the best time to move, but many moving companies have cited anywhere from November to New Years as the cheapest option. In the slower months, a moving company will be more willing to give you a better deal.

3. Ask Work to Help

Whether you found a new job or transferred with your old one, moving to a new city gets expensive. Relocation packages vary from company to company, but some come with great perks to help you with your move. Before agreeing to your new contract, make sure to ask about any assistance they can give you for your move.

4. Get Cash Back from Uncle Sam

Did you know federal tax laws let you deduct your moving expenses if you relocate to start a new job or a transfer to a new city with your current job? To qualify for the deduction, The distance between your new job and your former home must be at least 50 miles farther than your previous employer is from that home.

Want to know all the details? Check out this handy article.

5. Roadie the Big and Bulky!

Let’s face it: shipping furniture is a hassle. From boxes and packing tape to extra cost for heavy items, most movers and shipping companies make you go through a long list of steps before you even start delivery.

Why not try Roadie? You’ll get door-to-door delivery as well as save money and time when moving. Though Roadies aren’t movers, most are willing to lend a hand.

Plus, you can track your deliveries in real time and get protection up to $10,000 with the tap of a button.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.