In its second year, Amazon Prime Day has hit the Internet. From gadgets to groceries, you can find the best Prime Day deals the internet has to offer, and in some cases, better deals than on Black Friday.

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However, they’re not the only retailers offering deals across its stores. So before you start clicking away, make sure you find the best bang for your buck — and that’s not always at Amazon.
So plan ahead! Here are our top tips on finding the best deals, saving time, and getting your gear home faster, cheaper, and easier.
1. Make a list of what you need
If you go grocery shopping, you shouldn’t go hungry. You end up buying more than you actually need, and the same goes for Prime Day. Though it only takes one click to get in on deals, you’ll end up losing if you buy too much. Make a wishlist of what you need, so you don’t go overboard.
2. Click around on rival sites
In its first year, many almost-shoppers complained about Prime Day items that were sold out minutes after being posted. When this happens today, go visit rival stores Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or Pottery Barn. Knowing that shoppers were in full force today, all of these retailers planned ahead to offer deals that compete with Prime Day. Who knows — they might even price match!
3. Move fast, but think first
Remember, the whole point of a sale is too save money. If you buy what you don’t need, did you really save big? Let’s say you found a tech gadget that cost $200 but was $40 off — you still just spent $200. And if you didn’t really need it, you’ve wasted $200.
4. Find the best deal on delivery
So you found a deal, but what about delivery? In some cases, delivery can cost more than the item itself or you don’t have enough room in your car to get it home. That’s where Roadie comes in to give you door-to-door delivery for less. It’s just one more way to save big on Amazon Prime Day — and every day!