Yes, size does matter! Delivery size, that is. In fact, finding the best Driver for your Gig has a lot to do with posting the right delivery size. And we get it! When you’re shipping something quickly, deciding whether it is X-Large or Huge can get tricky.

That is why we laid it all out for you in a simple, easy-to-use infographic. So that next time you’re shipping a bicycle, a couch, or just two boxes, you know exactly what delivery size to list. Consider this your go-to cheat sheet.

Send Anything With Roadie

delivery size ship huge item across country

delivery size send xlarge item across country

delivery size ship large item across country

send meidum item across country delivery size

send small item across country delivery size

Remember, Roadies aren’t movers. From college students and soccer moms to young professionals and retirees, Roadie Drivers are a diverse bunch who have extra room to deliver your stuff where it needs to go. And when it comes to loading up their car, it helps when Drivers are given the correct Gig size. Because if not, they may not know they’ll need a sedan vs. a box truck vs. an SUV.

Ready for another delivery tip? Along with choosing the best Gig size, packing too many items into one Gig can slow down door-to-door delivery.

When creating a Huge Gig with many different items, make sure not to put too many items into one Gig. Let’s use an easy example that might come up when you’re sending stuff cross-country. You might need to send a dresser, bed, headboard, 7 large boxes, two night stands, and some chairs. However, when you put all of this into a single Huge Gig, you limit yourself to a smaller number of drivers.

By breaking up the items into different Gigs, you’ll be able to attract more Drivers to help you ship all your stuff from door to door.

And if you’re not sure exactly what Gig size to choose, reach out to our Pit Crew! They’re available 24/7 to help you out.