Another month at Roadie means more amazing stories from our community. Not only did we spread the love at CMA Fest, but Roadie delivered everything from graduation balloons to tricycles right to your door this month.

From local to long haul, here is a roundup of our favorite Gigs in June.

Send Anything With Roadie

Graduation Balloons from Grandma

Kyle’s 80-year-old grandmother Tanya rarely used apps to get things done. However, Tanya found herself in a pickle when she needed help delivering balloons to Kyle’s graduation party. After a recommendation from her daughter, Tanya signed up for Roadie and set up her first Gig.

“Roadie’s customer service was outstanding. I am 80 years-old and not too great with computers – called them at least 1,000 times. Each time a very friendly voice was always there to assist me. This is my first time that I decided to acknowledge a great idea and great service.”


Holly the Pup’s Medicine


When Ashley first learned that she would need to get special medicine for her dog Holly, she didn’t realize the only place she could get it was 100 miles away. Holly suffers from a rare and painful condition, and her medicine helps with chronic pain.

Each month, Ashley relies on Roadie to deliver Holly’s medicine from The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to her home in Atlanta. And since then, she’s developed a trust with Brandon to deliver the medicine when he comes home from Athens. Sometimes, he’ll even refrigerate the medicine overnight if necessary. And of course, he and Holly always get playtime in.

Tricycling to Get Around

Greg works as a scenic artist for movies being filmed in South Georgia, and most of his work is done in a large warehouse with hundreds of other movie industry workers. On average, the crew walks 5-8 miles a day on a hard concrete surface, but Greg found an easier — and definitely more entertaining — way to get around.

Using old bike parts, he builds and repairs old bikes into work tricycles that can be used to ride around the warehouse with materials. And when coworkers or friends ask him for one, he sells them and he uses Roadie to deliver.

roadie delivers june

Trade You a Game for a Ticket

Southern Fried Gaming Expo hosts arcade enthusiasts who grew up playing games once a year in Atlanta. If you give a game to the expo, Southern Fried will give you the three-day admission pass free of charge.

So, Silverio did what any gamer would do. He took advantage of the promotion and used Roadie to deliver a Marvel arcade game to the Expo. The Driver Ivan had just enough room in his trailer and earned an easy $50 while going across town.


Honey the Dog

Honey needed a safe and easy ride up the East Coast, so he and his human Donovan could be reunited in their new home. Knowing that most other ways to get him there would be costly, Donovan decided to trust Roadie with his best friend. It didn’t take long for someone to help out this furry friend. Honey arrived at his new home healthy and happy just four days after Donovan created the Pet Gig.

pet shipping honey the dog

The Coffee Table from Germany

Wendall has been living in Germany for the past six months, but she decided to keep her side hustle going while she was away. An artist and carpenter, Wendall refurnishes and reupholsters old furniture to sell online.

While Wendall was in Germany, a customer living outside of Pittsburgh bought this coffee table online without a way to get it home. She looked at quotes from traditional shipping companies, but all of them cost at least $100 more than it would with Roadie. Wendall posted the Gig for $77, and the coffee table arrived at the customer’s home four days later — all while Wendall was in Germany!

coffee table delivery