Gary Nice unexpectedly lost his golden retriever Bailey to an advanced case of lymphoma, and that’s when he understood the pain countless families feel when they lose a best friend. After eight years with Bailey, Gary dedicated his life to finding a cure to canine cancer.

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Since then, the National Canine Cancer Foundation has made strides in research and awareness for canine cancer.beagle pet delivery

Simply put, the NCCF shares our commitment to southern hospitality of neighbors helping neighbors. This includes our four-legged friends.

That’s why we are proud to be partnering with them to help make an impact. For every Pet Gig completed nationwide, Roadie will donate a part of the proceeds to the NCCF. Also, pet parents struggle to send their dogs to and from treatment. To ease that burden, we will also offer reduced pet travel cost to the NCCF community.cooper

Pet parents pour their hearts into making sure their dogs receive the best treatment, no matter the cost or distance. Roadie gets their dogs they help they need by giving pet owners an easier and more affordable option.

At Roadie, pets are family. We have committed to caring for them as our own and driving them door-to-door with care.


Save Time on Driving Back and Forth

We understand the time and financial struggle pet parents face with pet travel. That’s why Roadie safely drives your pets for you.

Personally Select Your Pet’s Driver

Choose the best driver for you and your pet. Only verified Roadie Pet Drivers can offer to transport your pet.

Track Your Pet in Real-Time on Any Device

With live tracking, you can see where your pet is every step of the way.

Send Your Pet Local or Nationwide

From doggy daycare to your new place across the country, Roadie delivers your pet with care.

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