We’re by no means matchmakers or love therapists, but at Roadie, we do know what to do with stuff you no longer want. Getting over a break up takes time, but getting rid of stuff your ex left at your place takes no time at all.

If you’re looking for break up advice, we can’t tell you how to mend a broken heart. But if their clothes, furniture, and books are taking up space, we can show you how to torch their stuff say good riddance to the rubbish.

Send Anything With Roadie

Be The Bigger Person and Give It Back

Seriously, not all break ups are bad. You may still be friends and left the relationship on good terms.  You view their stuff as meaningful, and the thought of throwing it away feels painful.

That doesn’t mean you need to drive over to their house and gracefully hand them a folded pile of their stuff. Box it up and use Roadie to send it back if you don’t want to deal with a face-to-face meet up.

Throw It in A Garbage Bag

Like we said, not all break ups are bad; some are horrific. That’s why humans invented garbage bags — for the trash fire that is your ex’s stuff.

If you’re running short on time (or patience), throw it in a garbage bag and post a Gig on Roadie. We’ll pickup and deliver it for you, so finally, you can move on.

Sell It

Yes, you can profit from your break up. If you lived together, there’s a good chance you’re getting rid of stuff like furniture, sentimental gifts, or that hideous painting he insisted you buy. Rather than throwing it out, find your local garage sale or sign up for eBay.

Donate It To Charity

This feels like a good one if you’re between the “we’re friends” and “I hate you” phase of a break up. Find a charity close by and donate the stuff you no longer want. We’ll even pick up and deliver it to Goodwill for free through February.

Keep The Stuff You Want — Get Rid of the Rest

Before you dump everything into a trash bag, make sure to find the stuff you want to keep. A diamond bracelet? A Falcons-signed NFL football? The perfect wine rack? Those are the things you’ll want to keep after the break up.

Do yourself a favor and help mend your broken heart by keeping all the valuable (not sentimental!) things your ex left behind. Then, dump the rest with Roadie.