At Roadie, we’re by no means match-makers – except the kind when you need to find a driver for your Gig. You wouldn’t think a delivery app could also be a a defacto dating app.

For Mack and Jothi, that’s just what happened.

Jothi moved from San Francisco to Illinois for a temporary 6-week position, but missed her dog Roxy. She’d heard about Roadie online and remembered that we offered Pet Shipping. Happy to find a safe and affordable way to send Roxy, she posted a Gig.

Get Paid To Drive, Your Way

Jothi chose Mack as her driver after seeing his previous Roadie experience and “thinking his profile was really cute.” Mack, on his way to New York, drove the dog Roxy to Illinois. Once he got there, he and Jothi went out to dinner together.

The two stayed in touch — so much so that Mack went out of his way back from New York to stop in Illinois and spend more time with her. They quickly fell in love, sending calls, texts, and flowers back and forth until, finally, Jothi moved back to California.

After leaving Illinois, he left Jothi a note declaring his love for her.
I’m so lucky that you chose me to be your Roadie! I hope that all our passages together are pleasant, peaceful, and prosperous. That we continually share each other’s passion, build a love and supportthat lasts and proves that numbers can’t divide what’s true in our hearts. I can’t wait for my future to unfold with you, Jothi.
Yours, Mack
Jothi decided it just made sense for them to move in together. And while no one thought this Roadie love could become any more of a whirlwind, this past Saturday — over Valentine’s Day weekend — Mack proposed. Jothi said yes!