In the aftermath of the I-85 collapse, the city of Atlanta has been left scrambling. Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency, and officials haven’t indicated a clear repair timeline yet.

Despite an effort to find ways around the dismantled highway, traffic congestion has skyrocketed as people look for alternative ways to work and school. With over 250,000 vehicles normally traveling on I-85 every day, these cars will need to go somewhere. Oh, and Atlanta traffic congestion already ranks 13th worst in the nation.

Send Anything With Roadie

The shutdown left us thinking: Has the increased congestion given us a glimpse into the future of traffic?

Inflated travel times, stressful commutes, and an increasing number of cars on the road — this could soon be our stark reality.

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But Atlantans still need to handle their day-to-day responsibilities, including getting items from point A to point B. And rather than adding to the problem, our community can use Roadie as a sustainable solution — and tap into the extra space in cars already going the right direction — to send stuff where it needs to go.

Here are just a few ways you can use Roadie for affordable, same-day delivery in Atlanta:

  1. Send Documents, Blueprints, or Contracts to Clients
  2. Handle Customer Delivery
  3. Get Back What You Left Across Town
  4. Rebalance Inventory in Multiple Store Locations
  5. Take Care of Errands Around Town
  6. Send the Dog to Daycare, the Vet, or the Groomers