Happy Earth Day, Roadies! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our big blue plant than giving back to Mother Nature herself. That’s why we’ve listed five easy and eco-friendly ways to reduce waste and save energy.

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1. E-recycle technology and devices
Electronics and technology are valuable until they’re not. About 40 million tons of electronics go to waste every year. But, recycling and refurbishing devices reduces waste and benefits your community.

Give back to PowerMyLearning on Earth DayAnd if you’re in New York City or Atlanta, consider yourself in luck. We’re collaborating with PowerMyLearning to pickup and deliver your technology donations.
To facilitate effective family learning, PowerMyLearning provides students and families with refurbished devices during hands-on workshops. If you have an extra desktop or old tablet, consider donating and use code POWER17 to receive $10 off your Gig. 

2. Use reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and shopping bags
One trillion plastic bags, 38 billion plastic water bottles, 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups — that’s how much waste American create every year. Despite recycling efforts, waste piles up in landfills by the trillions of pounds. Cities have created policies around recycling, you can contribute with reusable bottles and bags.
3. Eat and shop local
Eating and shopping local isn’t only better for the planet; its also easier on your wallet. By buying local, you’re reducing the environmental impact of moving products long distances. And if you need help getting items delivered, we’re happy to lend a hand!
4. Plant flowers, trees, or your own veggies
Look close and you’ll notice some green on your thumb. When you plant, you help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the air. That helps cool the earth — and keep your garden looking cool too 
5. Get involved with a local, environmental non-profit
Consider getting involved in an eco-focused organization. These organizations reduce waste and enhance your community. Find a local or national non-profit that aligns with what you care about in your community — then sign up!
Over 250 million cars with 4 billion cubic feet of unused space hit the road every day. At Roadie, we wondered what could happen if we put a fraction of that extra capacity to use. We’re revealing and predicting efficient, sustainable shipping lanes for everything from cupcakes to couches to kittens.