As craftsmen their entire lives, Andy and Bill say their fire pits will be the last you’ll ever buy. And we believe them. Handcrafted with high-end steel, the S&S Fire Pits team custom makes each pit to be unique and last a lifetime.

Get The Nation’s Largest Local Same-Day Footprint.

But to send these 180lb+ fire pits directly to customers, Andy and Bill needed to get creative to keep business shipping costs low without sacrificing speed. That’s when they discovered Roadie.

Since partnering with Roadie for delivery, S&S Fire Pits has gained a competitive advantage by cutting shipping costs 30+%, building stronger customer relationships, and driving top line growth.

Low-Cost, More Efficient Shipping

Soon after the S&S Fire Pits team began selling, they quickly expanded and started getting calls to ship throughout the Southeast. Without a low cost shipping option, Andy and Bill delivered pits themselves, leaving less time to build and sell to customers.

Their initial research led them to freight, but their quotes cost 3x more than the product itself. And that doesn’t include paperwork and extra costs for pallets, packaging, and dimensional weight.

When Andy and Bill found Roadie, it “changed the game as far as price and ease.” The team saved 30+% on business shipping costs and increased efficiency across shipping, building, and selling.

Driving Sales and Top Line Growth

A basic psychology of selling: people always want to save money. Andy and Bill know this, so they close deals by offering lower shipping costs through Roadie.

“When they see that savings, customers see how reasonable it is. Roadie lets me compare shipping costs to beat the online price by $X, and I’m able to close deals right then and there,” said Andy Stivers, co-founder of S&S Fire Pits.

Outside of highlighting features, Andy and Bill sell to the customer’s need — and oftentimes that need is price. Because Roadie offers low shipping costs compared to freight, our price gives S&S Fire Pits a tool to close deals and sell more pits.

Building the Customer Relationship

Businesses can’t not communicate with customers — and that couldn’t be more true for the S&S Fire Pits team. Clear and constant communication with their customers reigns king.

IMG_8120Unlike other shipping companies, businesses and customers are able to easily track their deliveries in real-time on their phone or desktop. So if you bought a fire pit from S&S Fire Pit, you’ll know exactly when and where your pit will be delivered — taking the friction and miscommunication out of the delivery experience.

Each Roadie Driver is committed to personalized and efficient experience. So, they’ll stay in touch with the S&S Fire Pits team and their customers throughout the entire process.

This attention to detail and ease of use has driven stronger relationships with customers. And ultimately, their business shipping solution has helped S&S Fire Pits sell more through repeat buyers and referrals.

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