Walking into Nashville Sweets means your mouth waters, your eyes widen, and your smile gets even bigger. That reaction comes from how much co-founders Brittany Pulley and Danielle Worley pour into what they call their baby.

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The bakery crafts artisanal desserts and invests in creating exceptional experiences for their customers.

When Nashville Sweets started offering bakery delivery, Brittany and Danielle knew they needed a cake delivery partner that would treat their desserts as art. That’s why they turned to Roadie.
“Roadie Drivers know what they’re picking up, and they know how we like it delivered,” said Worley. “I trust that our desserts are going to get there in the same fashion it left the shop. It’s just a more personal relationship.”

Increasing Sales and Team Efficiency

Nashville Sweets packs a big punch in every bite. But at the end of the day, Danielle and Brittany are still running a small business with limited time and few hands.
The duo balances order fulfillment, customer sales, and employee management at the same time. That leaves little room for them to handle bakery delivery as well.
“We’re a small business, so there’s only a couple of us here,” said Pulley. “If we’re busy with cakes, we can’t just stop and take a delivery for an hour.”
Since partnering with Roadie, Danielle and Brittany now have more time to do what they do best: create beautiful desserts. By offering same-day delivery, Nashville Sweets has increased their sales month over month, Pulley says.
We’re able to take on more orders and say yes to delivery,” Worley said. “That means more bodies in the kitchen, more orders fulfilled, and more happy customers.”

“The Golden Ticket” of Cake Delivery

Brittany and Danielle create art — and that has value.

“The Roadie Drivers know the desserts are almost like golden tickets,” said Pulley. “They take pride in what they’re carrying.” 
For Brittany and Danielle, the automatic $100 of insurance is their favorite feature. And of course, they can get coverage up to $10,000 through UPS Capital. The co-owners say they wouldn’t sign up if a service didn’t offer insurance.
The insurance, real-time tracking, delivery photos add an extra layer of trust, Worley says.
“It’s a reassurance… a peace of mind,” she said. “When they drop off cakes to a customer, we get to see that the dessert made it there the way that it left here.”

Owning the Customer Relationship

At Nashville Sweets, customers are king. At Nashville Sweets, the customer experience lives at the heart of everything they do.
Brittany and Danielle understand how cake delivery can contribute to their bottom line — and their customers’ happiness. Other delivery companies limited them to what customers could and could not order.
That’s why they trust Roadie to deliver a wonderful experience, no matter what custom dessert they’re sending.
“Delivery is a nice surprise for our customers, and it makes it more convenient for them,” Worley said. “In the end, it helps us get the sale more so than if we weren’t able to offer delivery to them.”
But it’s not only their ability to deliver. It’s all about the interaction with the delivery drivers as well.
“There’s consistency in which drivers deliver for us, and we’ve built a relationship with them,” said Pulley. “We get a personal feeling with our drivers, and the customers feel that as well.”