It’s a moment of glory businesses wish for over and over again. A customer visits your site or walks into your store to buy something that delights them. And for the most part, you’ve curated an experience that drove them to buy.

But what happens when they need an item shipped? Or shipping costs drive them away? Delivery plays a key factor in the purchasing process, including the customer relationship and ability to increase sales.

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Free shipping, customer charged, flat rate — business have a few delivery options. And they need to keep in mind that customers consider their shipping experience a direct reflection of the store itself. Not the third-party shipper. ­That means businesses need a service that saves them time and money, as well as delights customers upon delivery.

Increase Sales Through Your Shipping Strategy

Convenience, affordability, and reliability. These are top reasons why people buy online, choose specific stores and offer repeat business. And when it comes to your shipping strategy, these factors could not ring truer.

For online buyers, the “value for their money” and “convenient delivery” rank highest when considering a purchase.

Nearly 44% of customers reported that they abandon their cart if shipping and handling costs are too high. And while there are many shipping strategy solutions, finding the right one will be imperative to your company’s top line growth.

Delight Customers with Free Shipping

Customers look for free shipping when making purchasing decisions. In fact, people are 88% more likely to buy if a retailer offers free shipping.

Businesses can absorb shipping costs, but they will need to be cognizant of their margins. Product price and shipping cost research will be imperative to deciding if free shipping is the best solution for a business’ bottom line.

Finding an affordable and reliable shipping solution helps businesses gain a competitive advantage. Roadie offers reduced shipping costs and point-to-point delivery for this very reason – to help expand your business and enrich the customer experience.

Same-Day Delivery For Online and In-Store Purchases

There’s no better way to delight customers than to surprise them with same-day delivery without the hefty price tag. And there’s reason to take the time to invest in that delivery solution: 49% of shoppers are more inclined to buy if the retailer offers same-day delivery.

Few retailers are able to offer affordable, same-day shipping for items of any shape and size. Think furniture, home appliances, sports equipment. Most customers have to wait a few days to receive their items, even if they bought in-store. Roadie creates a customized, same-day delivery experience to help you solve those logistics headaches. Our delivery service includes real-time tracking, single dashboard delivery management, and customer notifications upon delivery.

Because we don’t have upcharges our surprise fees, we keep costs low without sacrificing efficiency or convenience.

Build Customer Loyalty With Your Shipping Solution

Businesses curate the purchasing process, but third-party shippers handle the delivery experience. And for many businesses, customer satisfaction after sale proves to be just as important as the purchase itself.

The four biggest factors in determining customer satisfaction after sale are:

  • Ability to track online purchase after shipping
  • Email confirming delivery of the item
  • Clear and easy-to-understand return policy
  • Ease of making returns and exchanges

Ensuring these factors are met post-purchase is crucial when building customer loyalty. And that loyalty will transform into referrals and repeat business.

Use Roadie for Shipping Strategy of Same Day Delivery

At Roadie, we help you meet these expectations with many efficient, easy-to-use practices:

  • Real-Time Tracking Customers receive real-time tracking updates on their phone or desktop.
  • Customer Notification Upon Delivery Communication reigns king at Roadie. Along with real-time tracking, customers and businesses get notifications via text and email.
  • Ease of Making Returns and Exchanges Make sure to communicate your return policy to customers. Getting stuff there is as important as returning it. And Roadie delivers items door-to-door no matter which direction they’re heading.