Retailers view their e-commerce shipping service as an extension of their business. The quality and flexibility of their delivery solutions play a direct role in the decision-making criteria for their customers and overall success.

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51% of shoppers prefer to shop online. That’s why retailers work to enrich the buying experience from sale to delivery. Most recently, retailers have turned to Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS) to meet customer expectations. This solution optimizes last-mile delivery by shipping from a store or warehouse to the customer that same day.

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Why Choose ‘Buy Online Deliver From Store’

As online retail booms, customer expectations of convenience and low-cost delivery grow as well. Most retailers offer click and collect, but it still requires customers to pick up their item.

A “Buy Online Deliver From Store” model, however, surprises and delights customers by saving them time, improving delivery windows, and offering flexibility.

And a growing number of consumers are willing to pay for that convenience. According to a McKinsey study, 30% of consumers consider home delivery important. And another 25% of customers are willing to pay premiums for same-day or instant delivery.

For customers, there are many reasons to love a Buy Online Deliver From Store model:

  • They don’t want to drive long distances to pick up an item.

A 30-mile drive feels like a hike and takes too much time. By giving customers BODFS as an option, businesses remove store distance as a purchase barrier.

  • They can’t fit oversized items into their car.

Your customer bought an item only to realize they’ll need a bigger car or will have to wait 2-3 weeks for traditional shipping. But what if you could deliver to their home that same day? A Buy Online, Deliver From Store (BODFS) shipping solution can fulfill delivery — no matter the item’s size and shape.

  • They’re not at the mercy of ironclad delivery schedules.

Sometimes your customer buys an item and needs it now. Convert stores into fulfillment centers, and businesses can offer same-day home delivery.

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E-Commerce Shipping Helps Gain Ground on Big Box Retailers

Convenience is king — and big box retailers know it. Companies like Walmart and The Home Depot elevate customer experience and have transformed retail stores into fulfillment centers. And for customers, it’s making the purchasing process a whole lot easier.

Retail giants aren’t the only ones who can gain a competitive advantage through an e-commerce shipping solution. If businesses implement BODFS — even on a much smaller scale — same-day and next day delivery becomes a reality for their customers. In turn, that convenience and speed builds customer loyalty and drives future sales.