Tucked between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of the most important days of the year: Small Business Saturday. Today, we celebrate them — the Mom and Pop shops, the local retailers, your favorite bakeries and florists. The people who make your community… your community.

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and we can’t thank them our business partners across the country for making us part of theirs. This Small Business Saturday, we’re rallying our community to shop local.

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The Bakeries

Nashville Sweets. Nashville, TN. A local boutique bakery built on the love of food and art, Nashville Sweets crafts artisanal desserts guaranteed to make your mouth water. Their specialties include custom desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other confections.

Henri’s Bakery. Atlanta, GA. An Atlanta tradition since 1929, Henri’s Bakery draws you in with the promise of incredible baked goods and keeps you coming back for more with their community and charm. Pastries, sandwiches, and cakes — no matter what you choose, it’s guaranteed delicious.

Cookies From Home. Phoenix, AZ. For 35 years, people in Phoenix have loved getting freshly baked cookies, brownies and cakes from a local bakery called Cookies From Home. Their made from scratch cookies are baked fresh daily with all natural ingredients.

The Builders

B. Adams Company. Atlanta, GA. A wholesale furniture retailer, B. Adams Company specializes in high-quality leather and wooden pieces ranging from tufted sofas to cappuccino dressers. They offer same-day delivery across the southeast.

S&S Fire Pits. Atlanta, GA. Andy and Bill at S&S Fire Pits make incredible industrial-looking steel fire pits and accessories by repurposing propane tanks and discarded machine housing and giving them new life.

Counter Culture. Kansas City, MO. A one-of-a-kind custom antique store, the team at Counter Culture invests in high quality craftsmanship, no matter if they’re designing mid-century chairs or factory-style lighting fixtures.

The Foodies

KNOW Better Foods. Atlanta, GA. Delicious and clean, KNOW Foods is the leading provider of grain-free food products. They help health conscious customer achieve their diet and fitness goals with nutritionally-superior alternatives for cupcakes, pasta, waffles, and more.

Causey Foods. Vienna, GA. BBQ sauce has always been a part of the Causey family, which is why their award-winning sauce has been a centerpiece for thousands of tables across the country. It’s no secret why they call it “Bottled Happiness.”

The Gifters

Lula’s Garden. Los Angeles, CA. Born out of love for succulents, Liraz launched Lula’s Garden with the mission to create memorable gifts that express life while improving the lives of others. 

Lucy’s Market. Atlanta, GA. Atlanta’s best farmers market comes with not only the best produce in town, but also has a huge selection of gifts, high quality foods and goods.

The Artists

Stacy Milburn. Atlanta, GA. A mirror artist and interior designer, Stacy Milburn’s custom artwork seeks to elevate a space. Adding color and infusing light into a room without competing with existing pieces. 

Sally ThrelkeldHomewood, AL. Artist Sally Threlkeld places her heart and soul into each hand-painted canvas she masterfully creates. Refined and unexpected, each painting takes her on a journey, using different mediums to produce wonder and delight.

Melissa Payne Baker. Atlanta, GA. With passion and skill, Melissa paints from the heart, creating artwork for every pallet. Every brushstroke crafts her abstract artwork into a final piece guaranteed to convey emotions and touch the viewer.