Tucked behind an Atlanta frame shop, Stacy Milburn marries photography, paint, and mirrors. She creates a canvas rarely seen before.

Her mirror artwork seeks to elevate a space. Adding color and infusing light into a room without competing with existing artwork. People across the country have celebrated her artwork, but until recently, only few could hang a piece in their homes.

Send Anything With Roadie

State lines once limited Stacy’s business. The shipping costs to send outside Atlanta were outrageous, and there was only so much Stacy could do as a small business owner. Because her pieces were fragile, they needed special care no matter if they shipped down the street or across state lines. And that costs a pretty penny.

Until she found Roadie.


“It would be cost prohibitive to crate and freight everything,” Milburn said. “The craters and freighters cost about 75% more than using Roadie. It’s a big difference.”

It was a pain point Stacy knew all too well. Stacy once had the opportunity to showcase her art at a Connecticut gallery but was limited by the $1,000 freight price tag that came with it. Despite the business potential, she had to turn the gallery down.

If she knew of Roadie at the time, it would’ve only cost her $250. And her business would’ve expanded cross-country a few years earlier.

Closing More Sales with Happier Customers

Her mirror artwork has one-of-a-kind details, and Stacy knew her delivery partner needed to be just as special. That meant reliability in reach, no hidden fees, and a trust that went unmatched.

And in a way, her delivery partner transformed into a sales partner.

“Roadie helped me expand to retail stores in Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina. There’s now not a place that I don’t think Roadie could go,” Milburn said. “It would’ve been too cost-prohibitive any other way.”

mirror artwork stacy milburn roadieStacy milburn artwork hung in gallery

And now, mirror artwork hangs in homes and galleries across the Southeast.

“It’s reliable, it’s affordable, and it’s safe,” Milburn says. “There just isn’t anyone else who does what Roadie does… and my customers love it.”

Why Every Artist Needs To Pay Attention

It arrived shattered, damaged, broken — those words are an artist’s worst nightmare. For Stacy, it’s happened more times with traditional shipping companies than she can count.

It’s the biggest reason why she tells artists to download Roadie right then and there. The door-to-door delivery means Stacy knows her pieces are insured and will be hand-delivered, not bouncing from truck to truck.

Stacy Milburn art shipping

Melissa Payne Baker, an artist who recently used Roadie after Stacy’s recommendation, couldn’t agree more. Since using Roadie, she has sent countless pieces to galleries, clients and fine boutiques across the Southeast.

“As an artist, these pieces are like watching your child drive away,” Baker said. “It is so comforting to know they will get to their home safely.”

Her Best Delivery Option, Every Time

Like most business owners, Stacy values convenience and time above all. And she knows running and growing a business becomes much easier when you have everything in your pocket. At Roadie, we think about delivery the same way.

Roadie gives the opportunity to post a Gig over coffee, right after a meeting, or even in carpool, she says.

“If I know I need to deliver something to a client that can’t wait, I know it’s not going to be a problem with Roadie,” Milburn said. “They’ll deliver an item that same day for less than anyone else.”

It’s one of the many reasons why Stacy chooses Roadie day in and day out — from the customer experience to the affordability and everything in between.