Every experience counts at Roadie, whether you’re a first-time Sender or a rock star Driver. Most importantly, we strive to build a platform that gives each member of our community an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Your honest feedback is an essential part of that mission. Each review helps us continue to improve the Roadie platform and build a service that puts people first.

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Recently, we heard from Senders and Drivers they wanted to feel more comfortable giving us honest feedback about their Roadie experience. And we understand the importance of ensuring a secure environment for sharing, especially when there’s room for improvement.

That’s why we made the change to anonymize reviews and hide review comments. While star ratings can still be viewed on every member’s profile, ratings comments will be sent directly to our team for review.

As always, our team reviews all community feedback as part of our goal to make everyone’s Roadie experience a great one.

This is new, so please let us know what you think. If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to tell us your thoughts is by sending a note to feedback@roadie.com.