When Roadie launched in 2015, we set out to transform how people and businesses move things. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to improve deliverability, speed up delivery times, and build a community around the utility of shipping.

We have much more to do. Today, we’re taking the next step in making delivery faster, easier, and more reliable.

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Gig Matching automatically pairs drivers with deliveries — or multiple deliveries at once — to make every Roadie experience faster, easier, and more consistent from Gig to Gig.

While drivers will still offer on Gigs, Roadie now matches them with Gigs based on their past experience, availability to deliver, and their ability to meet Gig requirements. Think vehicle size, driver ratings, what Gigs they’re already delivering, proximity to the pickup location, and more.

Not only will this new system save time, but it will also speed up delivery and build an even more reliable service by connecting senders with a larger pool of drivers.

Why are we moving away from letting senders choose their drivers?

It’s how we got our start and how we’ve grown to date — so why change things?

We understand why letting senders choose their drivers works well for some. Businesses find their people, and drivers build relationships. It makes sense. But while that system has made some drivers successful, it has made it difficult for new drivers to join and make money on the platform. In some cases, it’s even fostered favoritism — lots of Gigs went to some drivers, while other drivers were rarely chosen.

This new system gives every driver an equitable opportunity to maximize their earnings on the road. By spreading the love, we’re bringing a larger number of eager and reliable drivers into the fold.

We also heard from a number of business senders that they no longer want to choose their driver. It adds another step and more time to their day-to-day. Moving to Gig Matching streamlines operations for senders and incentivizes new businesses to join our community. For drivers, that means more Gigs and more money in their pockets.

We’re excited to see how Gig Matching helps grow the Roadie community and make every driver and sender experience an even better one.

What does Gig Matching mean for drivers?

Gig Matching has already brought new senders onto the platform and will only increase the number of Gigs in our community. And drivers still have the flexibility to choose when and where they’d like to offer on a Gig.

We understand that most of you like setting yourself apart from the crowd and that this new system changes how you do that. Going forward, you can set yourself apart from other drivers by keeping these tips in mind:

  1. Offer on Gigs. Flexibility and willingness to help go a long way in our community. When you see a Gig that makes sense for you, offer on it!
  2. Be on Time. Pay attention to the pickup and delivery details. Being on time is essential to earning a five-star rating and being matched on more Gigs in the future. For most local Gigs, you’ll need to head to the pickup location immediately.
  3. Avoid Gig Cancellations. Think of each offer as a commitment to doing the Gig if you’re accepted. When you cancel on a Gig last-minute, that hurts your rating.  And a bad rating will prevent you from being matched with Gigs for a short period of time.
  4. Take Good Gig Photos. Senders like to know that their items are in good condition at pickup and dropoff. Be sure to take clear and well-lit Gig photos.
  5. Be Friendly and Kind. Being kind to one another, especially on a Gig, helps things go smoother and just makes everyone’s day better.
What does Gig Matching mean for senders?

Most of what you know will stay the same: creating a Gig, tracking it in real-time, delivery confirmations, and more. Gig Matching simply means that Roadie will now select drivers for you.

You may not be matched with your regular drivers, but our matching algorithm will pair you with eligible, top-rated drivers who meet your delivery specifications.

Things To Remember

  • Gigs needing ASAP delivery require a two-hour window, but may be delivered sooner.
  • If you’re a business, orders should be ready at the specified pickup time. If an item is not ready for pickup, we may cancel the Gig and charge you a $10 cancellation fee.
  • Once drivers make an offer on your delivery, you can expect to be matched within 10 minutes. If you aren’t assigned a driver within 30 minutes of your scheduled pickup time, reach out to us at support@roadie.com