Time is money, and we don’t want to waste yours. That’s why we’re changing Gig Alerts to show you the deliveries you’re most likely to be matched on. We know it’s frustrating getting too many alerts and making offers that don’t get accepted. This update means you may get fewer Gig Alerts, but your match rate will improve at the same time. That means there should be no change to the total number of Gigs you’re driving each week.

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You will now receive Gig Alerts when:

  • You’re already on-the-way to the pickup location
    If you’re already heading in the right direction, we’ll let you know of nearby Gigs that are convenient to your route. After all, we’re the “on-the-way” delivery network.
  • New Gigs match your driving history
    Maybe you’re super speedy, only deliver in the morning, or drive a truck that can handle big stuff. Whatever the case, we’ll show you Gigs similar to ones that you’ve recently shown interest in.
  • You are not currently delivering a Gig
    You can still drive multiple Gigs at a time, but once you start heading to a dropoff location, we’ll pause all alerts until you complete those deliveries. That means you can stay focused while you’re driving, with no interruptions. When your Gigs are finished, new Gig alerts will resume as usual.

We’ve officially launched this change in all markets. We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new Gig Alert experience.