Late nights at work, growing to-do lists, the comfort of staying home — there are countless reasons we put off going to the grocery store. When a simple run can turn into an hour-long affair, grocery delivery sounds like a slice of heaven.

Solve Your Toughest Delivery Problems

Today, we’re excited to announce that Walmart and Roadie have joined forces to offer customers same-day grocery delivery. The partnership helps America’s largest retailer get closer to its goal of bringing same-day grocery delivery to millions of customers nationwide — even in small cities and towns that most retailers struggle to reach.

“Customers love our Grocery Delivery service. As they are busy managing jobs, soccer practice, dance lessons, and social schedules, we are on a mission to do more than keep a little extra money in their pockets,” said Tom Ward, vice president of Digital Operations, Walmart U.S. “With the help of these new delivery partners, we’re making grocery shopping even easier by bringing the every day low prices of Walmart right to the front door of customers.”

Roadie, alongside Walmart’s team of more than 18,000 personal shoppers, will bring the gift of convenience to thousands of customers in the new year. That means no last-minute grocery runs or fighting traffic when you need to restock on eggs and milk.

Walmart launches same-day grocery delivery with Roadie

For time-strapped families and customers on the go, same-day grocery delivery can be the difference between takeout and a home-cooked meal. Ordering takes just minutes — simply select a preferred delivery window at checkout on or the Walmart Grocery App. 

Bringing Grocery Delivery to Every Community

The demand for same-day delivery has grown beyond NFL cities into rural towns and smaller communities across the country.

“Serving customers who live outside city limits has become a competitive advantage for retailers everywhere,” said Marc Gorlin, Founder and CEO of Roadie. “Not every customer lives in a NFL city. Walmart recognizes this reality more than most, and we’re proud to help them bring same-day delivery to every customer, regardless of zip code.”

Because Roadie’s crowdsourced model supports flexibility at scale, it meets the demand of any market. That makes it easy for Roadie to support delivery demand in big cities and smaller markets. Walmart was built in local communities across the country. And working with Roadie helps bring them back to their hometown roots, where they’re now better serving the communities that built them.