It’s easy to tell drivers to leave items at your door.

One of the things customers love most about Roadie is our flexibility. We make delivering easy, whether you’re getting groceries from across town or sending a kayak down to the beach. But flexibility means more than choosing any size or distance — it means choosing when you want to interact with Roadie drivers, and when you don’t.

Every delivery is different. Our app makes it easy to communicate with your driver, whether you want to meet curbside, at the door or not at all. If you prefer not to meet face-to-face, just enter “Leave at Doorstep” in your delivery instructions.

When you can’t choose Doorstep Delivery, we do ask that you limit the number of Gigs that require delivery confirmation via customer signature, starting immediately. Doing so helps to keep both you and your driver more safe. And if you do have a Gig that requires a signature, please be aware that we’re now allowing drivers to sign their own names once they confirm a delivery is complete. This is a temporary measure to prevent phones from being passed back and forth. 

Stay safe out there, folks.