One thing you’ll see in the Roadie app is that some Gigs pay more than others. That’s driven by many factors, including how many drivers are in an area, how much delivery volume there is, and the needs of our business partners. Customer tips are great — especially on lower-paying Gigs — but they’re not the norm.

That’s why you’ll see a Guaranteed Minimum Tip tag on some deliveries. When you see that tag, you’ll know Roadie is providing a Guaranteed Minimum Tip upfront, whether the customer tips or not. Customers have up to 14 days to leave a tip, and if they they do, Roadie will use $3 of the customer’s tip to cover the upfront guarantee. You’ll get the rest. Roadie will never deduct more than the Guaranteed Minimum Tip amount from your customer’s tip. We believe in full transparency on payouts, so you’ll always see exactly what the payment breakdown is in Gig Details before you offer, and also in your Gig History after the Gig is complete.

We’re always working hard to bring more customers onto the Roadie app, which means more Gigs for drivers. New tipping features like “Tip Included”, “Tip Possible” and “Guaranteed Minimum Tip” are just a few of the ways we’re helping Roadie drivers like you maximize your earning potential while working on your own terms.