As we continue the conversation about building a more equitable future for all, I want to share that Roadie has signed onto the coalition letter for Georgia businesses urging lawmakers to pass a comprehensive, specific and clear bill against hate crimes in our state. Georgia is currently one of only four states without an existing hate crimes law on the books, and it’s beyond time to fix that.

We have also joined the growing list of businesses marking Juneteenth, sometimes called Black Independence Day, as a company-wide holiday — this year, and every year. 

Juneteenth isn’t a federal holiday yet, but it’s a day of massive historical significance celebrating the end of slavery in the United States. We believe it deserves to be observed. You can learn more about this important milestone here. We haven’t celebrated it in the past, but as the conversation around racial justice expands, we’d be remiss if we didn’t look at our own holiday calendar and make sure it more accurately reflects Roadie’s values and supports Roadie’s people. 

Although we have a long way to go when it comes to the fight for racial justice, we’re committed to doing the work — now, and always.

– Marc Gorlin, Roadie’s Founder & CEO