Delivery photos at drop off are one of the most important parts of the delivery process. They give Senders peace of mind, seeing first-hand that their delivery was left in the right place. It is what shows everyone you completed the Gig correctly. A clear delivery photo can be the difference between whether a Sender is satisfied with your performance and gives you a good rating or not. Your success means the community’s success, so here are some tips on taking a great photo:


  • Take a wide angle shot so you can see both the item(s) and the spot where the items were left at the delivery location.
  • Show some location details if you can’t take the picture with the house number (front porch decor, welcome mat, etc.)
  • If the recipient takes the package directly from you, still try to capture a house number or a picture of the front of the house to verify that you arrived at the correct location, even if it means not showing the item in the photo.


  • Don’t take a picture of the items inside your vehicle. If the Sender can’t see details of the delivery location, clearly it is not an acceptable photo.
  • Don’t take photos of personal customer information, such as names, addresses, or phone numbers found on the label or item.
  • Don’t include recipients in your photo — it’s weird for everyone. Even more importantly, we have to respect recipients’ privacy.

Following these tips will help you — and us — provide the best level of service possible to all Senders. Happy customers send more stuff, and that’s good for all of us.

As always, thanks for being a part of the Roadie community!