Like it or not (okay, probably not), 2020 keeps doing its thing. As Nov. 3 approaches, one thing is increasingly obvious: this election is going to be a challenging one. Start with an anticipated record voter turnout, add a global pandemic to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for Messy Election Soup.

That’s why we’re partnering with GaVotingWorks, a non-partisan organization that seeks to convene Georgia businesses for employee engagement in elections.

We’re also working with GaVotingWorks to deliver absentee ballot dropboxes (provided by Cox Enterprises) around the state. In five cases, the ballot box will be the only dropbox location in the entire county.

As part of our commitment to GaVotingWorks — and, more importantly, to Roadie employees — we have committed to the following:

  • All internal meetings at Roadie are canceled on Election Day, 11/3. (We recommend canceling external meetings, too.)
  • Roadie’s HQ employees will be given a PTO day to exercise their right to vote! Roadie team members are encouraged to take off any day between 10/12 and 11/3 to vote.
  • We’ll proactively provide guidance on how to vote, including: key dates, information on how to request and submit an absentee ballot and how to vote in-person (both via early voting or on Election Day).
  • Roadie employees are encouraged to serve as poll workers or tech support workers on Election Day. (If you’re interested, contact your county election offices!)

We’re proud to partner with GaVotingWorks to ensure Roadie employees’ voices are heard — but reader, your voice matters, too! If you live in Georgia, you can register to vote (or check your registration status) through the Secretary of State’s website. It just takes a few moments. Don’t forget: Voter registration in Georgia ends October 5 for the Nov. 3 General Election. 

You can learn more about voting in Georgia here. If you live in a different state, visit

Vote as you please — but please vote!