This year, Valentine’s Day may not look like a fancy dinner out or weekend away, but the pandemic can’t stop love… or everyone’s favorite way to express it: sweet treats. In fact, the National Retail Federation reports that over half of U.S. adults plan to celebrate the holiday this year, and three quarters of those celebrating feel it’s important to do so given the state of the pandemic. 

Consumers, who plan to spend nearly $22 billion on the holiday, are also devoted to patronizing their local shops. They listed small businesses among their top five shopping choices – the first time the category has made the list since the NRF began it in 2015. With 41% of people saying they’re planning a special dinner or celebration in their own home, there’s a big opportunity for local bakeries, florists, catering and meal prep services to increase sales on the holiday as couples seek to safely recreate the dining out experience. The most popular bakery items during Valentine’s Day are cupcakes, according to Nielsen, followed by iced cookies and dipped and covered treats.

The key to success? Delivery. Consumer behavior during the last year has shifted towards local delivery, with recent pandemic-related concerns encouraging people to stay at home as we weather new variants and inch ever closer to widespread vaccination. Such an environment favors companies that can drop the goods right at their doors, and Valentine’s Day treats are no different. 

“The Roadie drivers know the desserts are almost like golden tickets,” said Brittany Pulley, co-owner of Nashville Sweets. “They take pride in what they’re carrying.”

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (or the Bank)

As bakery staff works overtime to fulfill Valentine’s Day orders, delivering edible works of art intact might sound like a pipe dream. Managing delivery in-house can be unsustainable, while outsourcing can have expensive minimums and a lack of careful handling.

That’s where Roadie comes in. With 43,000 bakery deliveries completed in 2020 alone, we know just how to ensure that delicate cakes, cupcakes and cookies arrive unscathed. There are no minimums, and transparent pricing allows you to tap into our network of more than 200,000 delivery drivers to get your products to your customers – often within hours and with no surprises or surcharges. You can track your treats in real time and rest assured they’ll arrive fast and fresh. 

From a Distance (Up to 100 Miles, Actually)

Are you famous for a special dish that people come from miles away to try? Now you can bring it right to their door, with same-day, local delivery of up to 100 miles from your shop. The expansion potential for bakeries is huge, providing a completely new audience for your treats. 

Take another kind of company with fragile delivery items: florists. Starbright Floral Design serves all kinds of customers, but a core part of their business is providing fresh flowers for some of Manhattan’s biggest hotels, restaurants and office buildings — all places that COVID-19 has shut down.  “Working with Roadie has helped us pivot. Now we can deliver same-day within a 50-mile radius. We do this effortlessly and with 100% reliability.  By expanding our delivery zones, we have been able to maintain profitability and stabilize our revenue during these upside-down times,” said Nic Faitos, Senior Partner.

(Not) Too Late for Love

You can set up delivery with Roadie in just a matter of minutes and start delivering the same day, so even if it’s just a few days before Valentine’s Day (and its sweets-loving sister, Galentine’s Day on February 13), there’s still time to start a delivery operation for your local bakery. By handing off delivery to Roadie, you can show some extra love for your customers while expanding your reach and market opportunity. 


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