Delivering directly from the warehouse hasn’t always been a first thought when trying to speed up fulfillment. But as customers ask for faster delivery, it’s time to give the warehouse a second look. That’s where crowdsourced delivery comes in. Instead of waiting for scheduled carrier sweeps or expanding your fleet, use crowdsourcing to tap into an on-demand network of drivers who are ready to deliver.

crowdsourcing and the warehouse: your last-mile heroes

Warehousing last-mile logistics

Moving products to and from the warehouse is easier than ever when Roadie has your back.


Product flying off the shelves? Items leftoff the truck? A customer wants a product that’s not in stock? Roadie enables crowdsourced direct delivery when you need it.


Returns and leover inventory are no problem. Roadie empowers you to move inventory back to warehouses the very same day.


Get products to your customers at lightning speed by skipping the storefront altogether. Use Roadie’s platform to deliver directly to consumers with shipping rates they can afford.

Crowdsourcing is the key to warehouse delivery success

On-demand delivery keeps products moving and customers happy. Consider these benefits of tapping into a national network of independent drivers:

  • Ship when and where you want.
  • Lower (or eliminate) fleet maintenance costs.
  • Scale volume easily and affordably.
  • Meet your full range of warehouse delivery needs.

5 ways Roadie nails warehouse pickup and delivery logistics

  1. A nationwide network with more than 200,000 drivers across all 50 states.
  2. Real-time tracking of an order’s journey to and from the warehouse.
  3. Flexibility to move a range of product types and sizes with the right vehicle for the job, from compact sedans to cargo vans.
  4. Put your customer in control with same-day, next-day and routed delivery options.
  5. Flex volume up or down with our readily scalable crowdsourced model.

Does your warehouse logistics management need a last-mile hero? Contact us to learn how we can transform your warehousing.

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