Making the most of crowdsourcing your returns means taking a thoughtful approach to integrating systems, setting up policies and processes, and creating a smooth, easy customer experience.

Roadie can help you get integrated quickly with our nationwide network of independent drivers for smoother home pickups and returns.

Best practices for seamless crowdsourced returns with Roadie

How it Works


Ensure your inventory and POS systems support returns processing.


Use bar codes, labels or paperwork to track returns.


Leverage Roadie’s API or portal to provide returns visibility.

Determine Logistics 

  1. Establish drop-off locations.
  2. Set up intake processes and rules to direct returns.
  3. Decide how the customer should prep the item to be returned.

Decide on Service Levels

Set rules for:

  • Returns windows (e.g., only in mornings or afternoons)
  • Products eligible for home pickup (e.g., based on minimum size, weight or value)
  • Changing pickup appointments (e.g., due to retailer scheduling needs)

Set Your Fees

Options for returns pickup include:

  • Free
  • Fees
  • Store credit
  • Home pickup as a loyalty benefit

Plan for Communication

Get the customer experience right. Use Roadie’s chain of custody data to:

  • Set expectations that the driver will not have a marked truck or uniform
  • Remind customers of pickups
  • Notify store of incoming drivers


Educate your support agents on:

  • Returns processes
  • Issue resolution
  • When to make exceptions
  • When to contact Roadie

Stand out from the competition by making returns easy for your customers. Your Roadie representative will work side-by-side with you to make crowdsourced returns pickup a success.

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